Welcome to RISE Lab

The RISE Lab Research interests broadly include Trustworthy Representation Learning (e.g., Robustness, Fairness, Causality, Transferability), Visual Intelligence, User Modeling, Natural Language Understanding, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical Informatics.

Latest News

  • 10/2021, One paper on cross-domain clustering is accepted to the student abstract and poster program at AAAI 2022.
  • 10/2021, One paper on knowledge-derived query suggestion is accepted at IEEE BigData 2021.
  • 10/2021, One paper on unsupervised domain adaptation is accepted by IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems (T-NNLS).
  • 08/2021, One paper on interpretable deep learning for bioinformatics is accepted by Nature Communications.
  • 08/2021, Two papers on universal domain adaptation and physics-guided machine learning are accepted at IEEE ICDM 2021.
  • 08/2021, I gave a keynote talk at the 3rd Workshop on Continual and Multimodal Learning for Internet of Things (Co-located with IJCAI 2021).
  • 08/2021, One paper on causal inference is accepted at ACM CIKM 2021.
  • 07/2021, I accepted the invitations to serve as Area Chair of ICLR 2022 and Senior Program Committee member of AAAI 2022.
  • 06/2021, One paper on offensive language detection with BERT is accepted at ACL-WOAH 2021.
  • 05/2021, One paper on knowledge-guided article embedding is accepted by IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems (T-NNLS).
  • 05/2021, One paper on causal inference from networked observational data is accepted at ACM SIGKDD 2021.
  • 05/2021, My PhD students Saed Rezayi and Ronghang Zhu received the Excellent Graduate Students Research Awards from CS department.
  • 05/2021, I received the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award from the Department of Computer Science.
  • 04/2021, One paper on pose guided human image generation is accepted at ACM ICMR 2021.
  • 04/2021, One paper on self-tuning graph neural networks is accepted at ACM SIGIR 2021.
  • 03/2021, I will co-organize The 10th IEEE International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures (AMFG), at CVPR 2021.
  • 03/2021, Three papers are accepted at NAACL 2021, IEEE ICME 2021 and IEEE MIPR 2021.
  • 02/2021, Received a Cisco Gift Grant (Sole PI) to support our research on fair machine learning.
  • 02/2021, Received an ARO Grant (Sole PI) to support our research on graph reasoning and visual understanding.
  • 12/2020, Our survey paper on causal inference is accepted by ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD).
  • 12/2020, I accepted the invitation to serve as Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (T-CSVT).
  • 12/2020, One paper on multi-view time series classification is accepted at AAAI 2021.
  • 12/2020, Received a DoD Grant (Sole PI) to support our research on representation learning and visual understanding.